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Blizzard's NEW War Chest! Esports Skins in Overwatch Soon? | Dota Compendium replica? Overwatch News

2017-07-17 2,206 615 140,447 YouTube

Blizzard just announced their new war chest for Starcraft 2. Overwatch is likely to receive something similar so we talk about what that might be like in today's video. It's similar to the Dota 2 compendium, and would support overwatch league. ►Twitter: ►Discord: Thumbnail art: ►Intro Creator: ►Intro Music: Mickey Valen - Meet Me (feat. Noé) ►Outro Music: TheFatRat - Jackpot (Jackpot EP Track 1) ►Other Music: TheFatRat - Fly Away [Instrumental] Time Lapse: