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Lawyer Claims Photo ‘Proves’ Roy Moore’s Guilt, Viewers Shocked When They Look Closer

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SOURCE : Lawyer Claims Photo ‘Proves’ Roy Moore’s Guilt, Viewers Shocked When They Look Closer Former Alabama state judge Roy Moore is currently under attack. A few women have accused him of sexual misconduct after he began seeking election to the Senate. In fact, the parasitic lawyer representing these women has just issued “proof” of the man’s guilt, but a few keen eyes have recently pointed out what’s seen when you look a little closer at the photo – and it’s left a great many viewers downright shocked.Lawyer Gloria Allred always seems to be in the center of the most controversial cases, but she’s delving into a new world recently since politics is where publicity seems to live these days. Usually, she represents high profile clients and Hollywood A-listers – but that may be a thing of the past. Most recently, the attorney has taken to representing women accusing well-known politicians of sexual misconduct. At first, she represented a woman who accused Donald Trump of wrongdoing. However, seeing how that turned out to be a big old nothing burger, she’s decided to try her luck again. This time, she’s taken on the case of Beverly Young Nelson, who has most recently accused Judge Roy Moore of attempted rape over 30 years ago. Of course, she never felt the need to come out about it, but seeing how the man is running for a seat in the Senate, not too many people believe the timing to be a coincidence. What’s more, Allred’s other client also happened to make accusations when the man she accused was running for political office.