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LEGO Survival Of The Dead - Season 5 Episode 4 [MID-SEASON FINALE]

2017-09-13 318 14 23,575 YouTube

Return where episode three left us, in the middle of a blood stained city, two bodies in the streets, a mystery to be solved. Meanwhile, Mark undergoes recovery steps, David and his group return with a potential asset, or problem, and a long standing truth is finally uncovered. Season 5 - Episode 4 LEGO Survival Of The Dead will return in the summer of 2018. The first part of Season 5 has concluded, the second part will take you on an experience like nothing you have ever seen on this show. The #1 Lego Zombie Apocalypse Show On Youtube STARRING: WoodrowVillage FilmTarget TheSupermoviestudios VPLO Studios ClassicLegoCinema