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Guess Who’s First State In Nation To Ban Sanctuary Cities? It’s Official!

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AMERICAN NEWS TODAY Breaking News: Guess Who’s First State In Nation To Ban Sanctuary Cities? It’s Official! Original Source: ==================================================== We are all very well aware of how quickly sanctuary cities have gotten completely out of control, as former President Obama began the allowance of such cities. Since cities have determined themselves to be “sanctuary” to those illegals who disobeyed our laws by entering this country, and even more shocking, came here to break criminal laws. Law and order have turned into chaos in these cities, to the point where local law enforcement refuse to comply with federal officials and handing over criminal illegal suspects to these federal agencies. Well, enough is enough! The state of Texas has had its fill of sanctuary statuses in their cities and counties, and with help from his legislature, Governor Abbott signed a bill to fully ban sanctuary cities and to punish those local law enforcement who aid and abet criminal illegal aliens. ==================================================== ► Subscribe for more: All Playlist: ► AMERICAN NEWS TODAY: ►Trumb News: ►Vegas News: ►NFL News: ►North Korea: ► ======================================================= Follow Us: ► Fanpage: ► G +: ► Twitter: =======================================================American american news today will share the videos for free, update the news, events, the fastest news in the electronic media. Videos can use content-based copyright law contains reasonable use Fair Use ( Very excited to partner with other electronic newspaper pages. Please send me an email. Copyright by AMERICAN NEWS TODAY Company.