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Waterloo Road - Mika Finds Out About Tom & Davina | S03 E12

2017-09-13 393 5 57,139 YouTube

Mika discovers Tom and Davina have been having a relationship behind her back ▶ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: S03 E01: S03 E02: S03 E03: S03 E04: S03 E05: S03 E06: S03 E07: S03 E08: S03 E09: S03 E10: S03 E11: S03 E12: S03 E13: S03 E14: S03 E15: S03 E16: S03 E17: S03 E18: S03 E19: S03 E20: Waterloo Road is now on YouTube! Experience the emotion, the fights, the passion- right here with new videos every week! We’ve got all the best bits from every TV show in top HD quality just for you. Please subscribe to show us some love and find out every time we upload a new video. And remember to leave your comments in the box beneath each video – we’d love to hear your reactions to the all the drama! Want to own Waterloo Road? ▶BUY: Twitter: @WaterlooRd Facebook: @officialwaterlooroad